Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Eyes : Part 3- A wiseman once said:

"You can tell a lot by body language, thoughts, mood even manor, but if it is soul you are after then the eyes alone you should seek"

I find it interesting how the mood given by eyes can delicately change depending on how much more of the face you can see! or maybe its just me!

OR maybe I just wanted to see how pictures of different sizes are displayed by default! ;)

Eyes : Part 2- Sometimes seeing more can cloud the senses

Eyes : Part 1- Which truth are you after.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

To Blog…..or not Blog….?

Five months have passed since I first pondered over the idea of creating a blog, truth be told I do not really know why I considered creating one, its not the sort of thing that comes naturally to me, I guess I was just carried away by the excitement when I came across some blogs from my beloved Jordan,

I say dose not come naturally! I think the reasons are two fold:
Firstly My attitude towards writing, I have always viewed it with a certain double standard, I love the idea of being able to read all sorts of things, written by all sorts of people it’s a blessing to have that kind of access to knowledge, but somehow I hated the idea of having to write anything, I always viewed it as a second rate method of communication something which slows the beautiful process of thought. This not my logical conclusion, but rather my natural gut feeling and reaction if anybody ever asks me to write something. (You can see I was hard work at school!).
Secondly Expression communicating personal feelings or even simpler things like telling people what I had for dinner yesterday is not something I usually like doing. I tend to prefer the natural way of information flow

Well; since this is now published. I guess that means I have a blog, I do not know what that means, I do not yet know what this blog is for or how often I will actually add things to it…I guess I will just have to let it take its natural course..